Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BP_1 Welcome to my Blog!

Finally V-day is here!
After weeks of preparation the Palmetto Finest judges came to our school today. My colleagues and I called it V-day because everybody talked about "the visit" and "the visitors". Deep in my heart I want our school to get this award, but even if we don't,  the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction on all the work we've done in the past few months is unmeasurable! We did let those judges know how hard we work and how much we care about the children that attend our school. It was amazing to see our walls filled with  artwork created by our students, pictures of their field trips and activities lead by our community members and PAC, their math  and science projects, their neat graphic novels, and of course, their tech integration projects in their Spanish classes. Our students showed their best and everywhere in the building the value of the Habits of Mind for our school community was reflected. I feel so relieved now,  but...what comes next? Teacher Advancement Program observations? PASS testing? End of the school year preparations? Spring break? Well... I think I'll just enjoy the rest of my week...


  1. Fary, I enjoyed reading your welcome post! When will you find out about the judges decision? It sounds like great things are happening at your school. :)

  2. Fari!

    Absolutely beautiful design on your site! Please keep us informed about your award! Take care!

  3. The final decision will be announced on March 22nd. I'll let you all know...