Friday, March 11, 2011

PE2_The Wonders of iMovie on Lynda (Part 2)

Wow! This has been a very productive evening! I've been watching the rest of the  iMovie tutorials and  I've learned so much! Now I don't regret not watching these videos before  because I know that what matters is what comes ahead: there's nothing I could do about the past, but there's a lot I could do to make my future assignments better.

 So far there have been a couple of tips that have drawn my attention. One of them is how to use the "precision editor". With this tool you can easily fine-tune the beginnings and the endings of your clips. It helps you cut a clip at a precise moment, or time the beginning of it with audio.

Another useful tool is the one for cropping or rotating clips, and I started using it right away. I had a couple of videos I had recorded with my first digital camera about five years ago, but as you see in the image above, I had mistakenly turned the camera. Now with the help of the iMovie "crop" tool I was able to rotate the clips and enjoyed watching them again.

Finally,  and the most fun for me, is the "green screen effect" tool. I didn't have the opportunity to put this one in practice, but I'll find my way to apply it in one of my videos soon. With this tool you can easily change the background of a clip by imposing one clip over another. Now I wonder if my husband will let me paint one of our bedroom walls green...

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  1. Good Morning Fari!
    I hope you and your family are doing well! I felt the same about the green screen! Allen, shared an easy way to do green screen was to purchase a cheap green table cloth. Use a hair dryer to get the fold marks out of it. Then use that! I did not have enough time, either, to do this but I will go today and pick up a couple of them. I want to make fun videos with the ferrets flying and riding the dogs! Also, I want to speed up the clips and reverse them! So, I will be able to enjoy this fun stuff in the heat of the summer! I am looking forward to some of you green screen movies! Take care! Michaelann