Saturday, March 12, 2011

PE3_The Wonders of iMovie on Lynda (Part 3)

Well, I may not be an iMovie expert yet, but I got my first Lynda certificate last night. Now I'll feel more confident when creating my video projects for my graduate classes. Also,  I have discovered another way to spend time with my children, that is,  creating movie trailers and home videos.  Movie trailers are really easy to create since iMovie already has 15  templates with different themes to choose from. So... what best way to kick off my son's baseball season than creating a movie trailer with some of his pictures from last year's games? Let's see...

I thought it was going to be really easy, but then I encountered a problem: I wasn't going to import videos, but pictures, and I had no way to bring my pics from iPhoto since the camera icon was off. Luckily, after checking here and there I found the way to do it: using  the "Convert  to Project" option under the "File" menu. That choice immediately allowed me to import my pictures for the trailer. So here's the final product...

This summer's going to be fun! My children will love being my main movie characters! Thanks to technology for allowing me to capture the best moments in my life with my family.  :)

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