Saturday, March 26, 2011

PE_Final Project: Glogster

TARGET AUDIENCE: Students in my Spanish I class.
MATERIALS: Laptops, “Expresate” textbook, Chapter 5 Vocabulary 2 list, personal notes.
1.3.2 present information on different topics in a variety of formats.
1.3.3 write a personal communication e.g. note, letter,etc.
1.3.4 present familiar topics enhanced will multimedia
2.2.3 identify and produce artworks, crafts, or graphic representations of the target culture.
  ISTE STANDARDS (NETS for students):  Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.
OBJECTIVES:   Students will talk and write about where they live or would like to live, describe houses with the help on the new vocabulary words learned in chapter 5 and create a multimedia poster online in which they will describe their own house or the house of their dreams in Spanish with the support of the new vocabulary in chapter 5. 
WEB 2.0 TOOL: EDU Glogster ( An innovative web 2.0 tool utilized by thousands of students all over the world to create multimedia posters online or "glogs" in different content areas and languages.  
 PROCEDURE:  Students  will:
·      upload the pictures they took over the weekend  in their “My Pictures” file of their “H” drives.
·      Type their paragraph about their house (or house of their dreams) in Word.
·      Go to the EDU Glogster website and will log into their accounts.
·      Create a new glog.
·      Upload their pics to the Glogsters file.
·      Choose a background and begin crafting their online poster based on their preferences.
·      After all posters are created, a presentation or portfolio will be created. 
SOCIAL PARTICIPATION/LEARNING:   After posters are created, the students will be organized in groups of four and will write their feedback  and opinion on their teammates' posters. They will state what they like best and explain why they like it. (To be written in the “Comments” section under each poster).
MAKING CONNECTIONS:  When writing their descriptive paragraph, the students will take into consideration all grammatical rules studied and useful expressions when creating their sentences in Spanish. They will also be connecting with what they consider home or personal ideas of what they want their home to be.
CREATE/PRODUCE: A multimedia poster online in Spanish called MI CASA or MI CASA IDEAL, describing  a house or ideal house in Spanish, enriched with pictures or an Animoto video or PhotoStory.
REFLECTION:  Students will evaluate their own posters by writing a short reflection under the “Comments” section of their teammates' poster. Teacher: So far this has been a very enjoyable class, sharing with my students about where they live, listening to their ideas on what they want their posters to be like and helping them with the tool when issues arise.
ASSESSMENT METHOD: Rubric provided.
DUE DATE: April 6, 11.

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